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Configuring Terraform Enterprise Credentials for Azure DevOps

April 20, 2021

Reference Materials: Terraform Enterprise Config with Azure Devops\ Understanding Azure Devops Variables\ TF CLI Configuration File

Terraform Cloud / Registry / Modules / module-name

The primary view for any given module will show provision instructions. Here you use these values or can open configuration designer.

Provision Instructions

Copy and paste into your Terraform configuration and set values for the input variables. Or, design a configuration to easily use module and workspace outputs as inputs.

module "functionapp" {
  source  = ""
  version = "1.0.0"
  # insert required variables here

Furthermore, it will remind you that when running the CLI, you will need to configure credentials.

Heads up

When running Terraform on the CLI, you must configure credentials in .terraformrc or terraform.rc to access this module:

credentials "" {

\# valid user API token:

\    token = "xxxxxx.atlasv1.zzzzzzzzzzzzz"



These are the steps that we necessary to build the file, move it to the home directory, and export the file to TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE, which is one place where Terraform will look for that value.

      - script: |
          cat > ${RC_FILE} << EOF
          credentials "" {
            token = "$(terraform-api-token)"
          mv .terraformrc ~/.terraformrc
          export TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE="~/.terraformrc"
        name: terraform_cloud_credentials
        displayName: Terraform Cloud Credentials
        workingDirectory: "$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/infra"

Mike Hacker

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